Monday, December 8, 2008

The roughtcut: Before release!

We have been working on our rough cut of our thriller for about a week now and i say we have done very well.

Since we are waiting for permission (which i don't think we will get) to use the fitzwilliam we had to adapt a little. We started off with the entrance to the target, to do that bit we used the main entrance to the college and the area near the college shop to to find the only camera to record as you will see.
We used a random picture we found in the area outside the hall as our target just for the rough cut which we may use again if we don't get permission to use the fitzwilliam, during the shot we would have a guard standing around looking at the leader who is staring at the "target" but since it's only a rough cut we didn't bother really plus we didn't have allot of time to waste.

The beginning of out rough cut we did last since we kept forgetting to bring our props. The room we used was in the media studio just near the sports centre and the cafe. It was the perfect setting for our opening for our thriller, this is because the room we used in the building was dark and the room we painted black. The building had so much stuff in it we could use as our backup props cause we didn't have all of them but enough to record what we needed. We also found some loose curtains with the pins in them to cover up the door area to prevent lighting coming through. Our lighting was my mobile phone which provided a powerful beam of light, we kept it in it position by some loose rope we also found inside the studio , which for some strange reason it was already knotted up into a noose.

The rough cut will be up soon, there will be no titles on it because it's only a rough cut. The music is being done now by Jack our backup editor for when Leo isn't here and he's doing a good job on it. There is also no conversation also because it's a rough cut but the final cut will have some of the rough cut and the real stuff depending on what happens with the fitzwillam, conversations will be on the final cut but there will be little conversation so that we can create questions on our thriller also our identities will be better protected unlike the rough cut.
Hope you will enjoy the rough cut as well as our final copy of it.
Sam Lockwood

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