Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is our animax!
Picture 1: opening of thriller. A close up shot of a table with blue prints, pictures, a gun, a piece of paper with information on it, binoculars.
Picture 2: A wide shot of the actors around the table with one of them which is the leader of the three pointing to and object. Then a close up of the picture which is a location
Picture 3: The picture fades into the real location, with the leader walking towards the entrance.
Picture 4: The screen returns to the three actors around the table, this time the leader points to some blue pints.
Picture 5: Zoom up on the blue pints which show the floor plans to the location. The plans are for the ground floor.
Picture 6: The blue prints fades into the ground floor of the location. the camera is the leaders eyes and in the view is a guard looking at the leader.
Picture 7: A camera shot of a security camera.
Picture 8: Another shot of the actors around the table, one of the actors asks a question.
Picture 9: A zoom up shot of a mobile being swiped over by a magnet, something happens to the phone.
Picture 10: An actor asks what the target is, the leader points to a picture which is zoomed up on.
Picture 11: The picture fades into the real thing, so we return to the location.
Picture 12: Leader is standing near the "target" the guard is standing closer to the camera than the leader.

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