Monday, December 1, 2008

Shot list!

This is our shot list for our thriller!
1.Close up on table in unknown location. It shows all the props on the table (look on blog for props)
2. Long shot of the room in the unknown location. This shot reveals three characters surrounding the table of props. The room is dark except for the small light which only can reveal the characters and the table, there are no windows because they are covered up.
3. Back onto close up of table, the leader of the characters hand is pointing to a table, which is a picture of the location, this picture into shot 4.
4. The picture has faded into the location, the leader is walking up the stairs about to enter the building.
5. Long shot of the three characters, the leader is pointing to something else.
6. A zoom up on the leaders hand, it's pointing to the floor plans of the building.
7.Floor plans fade into the building on the ground floor. The camera is the leaders eyes he is looking around for something, while he is looking there is a guard standing looking at the leader, wondering what is he doing.
8. The leader notices the camera. In the background there is a question asked "what are we going to do about them?"
9. Question is replied with a showing of a mobile being swiped over by a magnet showing the effects of what happens to it.
10. close up shot of one of the characters asking what is the target?
11. Zoom up on table with the leaders hand pointing to the picture which is the "target"
12. The picture fades into the real target where the leader is looking at it smiling.
13. A long shot of the leader near the target, the guard is closer to the camera than the leader is.

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